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    Fellow Missileers:

    By far the hardest task in my role as the Executive Director is tracking and sharing information on the loss of every missileer.  April wasn't any different with the loss of MSgt (ret) Ronnie Pope, Lt Col (ret) Tim Christi, Lt Col (ret) Anthony Spaduzzi and Col (ret) Trevor Flint, all way too early in life (and younger than me!) Tony was one of our recent cancer losses and Trevor was a larger than life type guy who will be remembered for his leadership and friendship in both the operations and maintenance communities.

    On the brighter side, one of our own was nominated for induction into the North Carolina Military Veteran’s Hall of Fame.  Colonel (ret) John Ellen was recognized for his long and dedicated service to North Carolina and the Nation. Congratulations Col Ellen!

    In other news…..

    Committee Trims Appropriation for Minot’s Base Retention

    North Dakota: A legislative conference committee is recommending lawmakers approve $500,000 for Minot’s base retention efforts and preparation for the Air Force’s Sentinel missile upgrade. The amount is less than the $900,000 originally sought for Minot in Senate Bill 2240, which the Senate approved 47-0 in January. The chairman of the conference committee, called the compromise amount inappropriate for Minot. 

    He noted military bases have a $2.4 billion annual economic impact in North Dakota, adding that the Sentinel missile upgrades will have an additional $3.2 billion impact. The construction project is expected to bring 2,500 to 3,000 workers when it comes to the Minot region.

    Want to know more? https://www.minotdailynews.com/news/local-news/2023/04/committee-trims-appropriation-for-minots-base-retention/

    China Mid-Course Missile Test

    China says it carried out a successful ground-based mid-course missile interception test in an apparent sign of progress in its ability to bring down weapons incoming from space. The Defense Ministry says the operation was carried out late Friday night within Chinese territory and achieved “the desired test objective.”

    Want to know more? https://abcnews.go.com/International/wireStory/china-conducted-mid-missile-interception-test-98603053

    Military Readiness, New ICBMs Top Air Force Secretary's Visit

    Malmstrom AFB:Top U.S. Air Force leadership, including Air Force Secretary Frank Kendall, paid an uncommon visit to Great Falls last Wednesday, stopping to meet directly with service members at Malmstrom Air Force Base and the Montana Air National Guard’s 120th Airlift Wing. The delegation, which also included Lt General Robert Miller, USAF Surgeon General, Major General Michael Lutton, 20th Air Force, Commander, and Col. Tory Woodard, Commander, USAF School of Aerospace Medicine.

    Want to know more? https://www.greatfallstribune.com/story/news/local/2023/04/10/air-force-secretary-kendall-visits-great-falls-military-bases/70097348007/

     The Last “Final” Alert (aka LFA)

    Since missiles have been operational, there has always been a feeling of great accomplishment and an emotional reaction after pulling a last alert. Below are some examples of how crew members have expressed themselves about their LFA:

     - To celebrate a crew members LFA, an FM and Security Forces people would form a gauntlet and come to attention when the crew member came out of the FSC’s office. When the crew member stepped outside, two loud booms from a two-potato gun salute was fired.

    - One crew member brought out steaks and baked potatoes and grilled them for the troops on site.

    - One crew member burned his crew blue shirt along with classified topside in the burn barrel. He was exiting the AF.

    - Crew members would leave “messages of inspiration” written on the capsule wall next to the tunnel junction door.

    - In the mid 70’s a bottle of unopened champagne was supposedly found on top of the LCC acoustical enclosure. It was covered in dust and dirt and may have been some ones attempt to “christen” the launching of the capsule when it became operational or an LFA. Oh those SAC troops!

    - A crew member purchased a bunch of DVDs and donated them to the capsule.

    - A crew member took a picture of a flickertail prairie dog, framed it, and dedicated it to the security forces and their superior efforts to “keep” flickertails from unauthorized entry on to LF’s.

    - A crew member left confetti in the refrigerator with a note that said, “someone else can clean this refrigerator besides me”. She also included a nice dessert!

    - Some crew members have made very special LFA flight suits and took “memorable” pictures of themselves around the MAF.

    - A crew member left her “kitty cat”  slippers in the LCC for future generations to use.

    - A crew member dressed up as General MacArthur and took a picture of himself by the MAF flagpole. You guessed it…caption: “I shall return”.

    As highlighted in the April 2023 newsletter, in today’s crew force crew members may not have a real LFA until after they leave the Air Force.  Crew members of all ranks, including wing, 20th, and AFGSC staffs pull alerts and are mission combat ready. Still, when they move from one ICBM base to another, they celebrate the LFA at that base…until they return.




    James F. Warner

    Executive Director

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    AFGSC Commander directs action based on initial research findings


    • Originally Published May 3, 2023 on AFGSC News
    • By Col. Brus Vidal and Capt. Joshua Thompson
    • Air Force Global Strike Command Public Affairs

    Teams of medical and public health experts recently presented initial findings taken from an ongoing survey and study of cancer-related concerns at Air Force Global Strike Command’s intercontinental ballistic missile bases.

    The teams, consisting of members from the U.S. Air Force School of Aerospace Medicine/Defense Centers for Public Health – Dayton, AFGSC’s Surgeon General Directorate, and Defense Health Agency, visited F.E. Warren AFB, Wyoming; Minot AFB, North Dakota; and Malmstrom AFB, Montana, between Feb. 27 - March 7.

    The USAFSAM Commander, Col. Tory W. Woodard, and the AFGSC Command Surgeon, Col. Lee D. Williames, briefed AFGSC Commander Gen. Thomas A. Bussiere, his staff and subordinate command teams, on the study’s results thus far, stating that at this time, no immediate factors were discovered that would be considered immediate concerns for acute cancer risks. It was also noted no specific factors had been found at Malmstrom AFB to indicate an elevated risk level, environmental or otherwise, present at that installation.

    “This does not mean that continued study will not occur,” Woodard said. “We at USAFSAM are absolutely dedicated to transparently and fully investigating the cancer concern brought forward. We will continue to study and investigate.”

    During the study process, the teams monitored for potential occupational and/or environmental exposures*, while recording concerns relayed by missile community personnel to the teams. These concerns included potential exposure to hazardous chemicals and compounds, fresh air availability, safety hazards while driving, and fertility concerns.

    Briefing the commander, additional findings were noted.

    Across the ICBM installations, each location possessed specific local environmental and agricultural factors which will need to be considered as studies continue. The land surrounding Missile Alert Facilities, Launch Control Centers, and Launch Facilities is also not owned by the government and thus it was noted locations could contain additional unknown agricultural hazards. Additionally, the currently established procedures for both testing and for cleaning the various facilities differ from installation to installation as well, creating inconsistencies between locations.

    In response, establishment of a comprehensive environmental sampling plan  across all job specialties and across installation was directed by Bussiere, in addition to his direction that deep cleanings of facilities must be implemented on a recurring basis. The sampling plan would occur at all MAFs and LCCs quarterly, and repeated to account for variations in locations and seasons.

    Outdated signage denoting the presence of polychlorinated biphenyls was taken note of as well, which Bussiere directed to be updated. Updates were also initiated by the general to do away with burning as a means of destroying classified materials inside the facilities.

    It was further established that communication and coordination between medical personnel and missile community members needed to be improved. The commander directed his staff to explore the development of medical professionals specifically assigned to ICBM units, much like flight surgeons assigned to flying units, so as to have a better understanding of the environment and missions. This would include training and improved access to sensitive areas for those medical personnel, to assist with routine visits and acute events.

    Bussiere also ordered further engagement with personnel who work with known occupational hazards in order to collect more data and information, and that preventative maintenance and environmental upgrades be prioritized while awaiting the eventual replacement of the Minuteman III ICBM with the LGM-35A Sentinel, scrutinizing any upgrade or new piece of equipment adopted for hazards.

    Those areas of concern and the substantial updates outlined to AFGSC leadership by Woodard will be addressed in a virtual town hall for missile community members on May 11, covering updates on the ongoing study, key action taken, and continuing concerns.


    *The potential exposures monitored include:

    Per- and polyfluorinated substances (PFAS) such as perfluorooctyl sulfonate and perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOS/PFOA), polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs), asbestos, organophosphates (agricultural spraying of pesticides), volatile organic compounds (VOCs), air quality/air exchanges per hour, water quality, burning of materials in LCCs, ozone or other airborne contaminants, off-gassing of hydrogen from motors and batteries, carbon monoxide and diesel fumes/exhaust, sodium chromate solution, hypergolic fuels (monomethyl hydrazine and nitrogen tetroxide oxidizer), radon, and fungicidal cork exposure.

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    Fellow Missileers:

    Happy April Fools Day--the following is all real and not a joke!  I'll leave the "humor" to the professionals.

    We hope you are enjoying these monthly news updates.  We are in the final days of prep for the April newsletter which should hit your email inbox by mid-April and your postal boxes by the end of the month. April’s edition will provide an update on the cancer study, continue or families in missiles corner, a perspective on staff members pulling alerts and much more. Of course, if you want to get the earlier distribution and help us save money on printing costs you can always update your profile on line or drop me an email at director@afmissileers.org.

    Master Missileer and AAFM member Brigadier General Stacy Jo Huser Nominated for Major General

    AAFM’s keynote speaker at our Salt Lake City banquet has been nominated for her second star. Below is a “golden nugget” from a video she made to first generation students from North Central College where she graduated in 1994. Below the quote is a link to a 92 second video of General Huser’s advice.

     “Be authentic. Be your true self with your friends, fellow students, professors, family members, coworkers, because when you are true and authentic and vulnerable, it builds that trust and people need that. They need to see that in you. They need to see your authentic self and trust me they will adore you just the way you are.”

     Want to know more? https://www.facebook.com/NorthCentralCollege.CardinalFirst/videos/air-force-brig-gen-stacy-jo-huser-94/254996579829149/


     Feeding the Missile Force:

     Minot’s and FE Warren’s Missile Alert Feeding Operations (MAFO)  have been selected as one of two finalists for the 2023 John L. Hennessy Award, a commendation that highlights outstanding achievement in the food service career field. May the best MAFO win

    Every security force member, FM, MCC, and Maintainer knows that a good MAF chef can make or break an alert tour. This is especially true with longer alert tours in the field. A great omelet with tots in the morning can get you ready to dig ice out of the A-pit and fight the wind during site checks. The old days of “foil packs” and different tasting “chicken” are over.


     Want to know more?


     According to BreakingDefense.com, DoD “Rejiggers” 96 billion Sentinel ICBM program to minimize delay?

    You may want to know what it means to “Rejigger”? Dictionary.com defines ”Rejigger’ to change or rearrange in a new or different way. The Defense Department and the Air Force have taken actions to minimize a delay in the $96 billion Sentinel ICBM acquisition program caused by supply chain and workforce issues at prime contractor Northrop Grumman, a senior DoD official said today. Below is a link that explains what DoD is doing and why.

     Want to know more?


     Hey, What’s that Smell?

    Date: 1975, Place: Oscar LCC, Time: 18:30 after dinner. From behind the toilet curtain the crew commander yells outs “Hey Tom, we’re out of toilet paper in here”. Tom responds, “what’s this “we” stuff?” Commander replies, “quit screwing around and bring me some paper or do you want me to put new words in your OPR Judgement and Decisions block?” Tom quietly slides a copy of the local newspaper under the curtain. Commander starts to reply, but the PAS screams out “Skybird, Skybird….(you know the rest). Tom acknowledges the PAS, walks back, and rolls some TP under the curtain.

    Two hours later. Commander turns around and asks, “What the hell is that smell?” Tom replies, “don’t look at me, I didn’t eat the barbeque chicken foil pack!”  Commander looks at Tom and says, “no it’s something else.” Tom starts thinking of the MPT statement “you smell smoke” and visions of crew of the month for isolating a fire go through his mind. Tom grabs his Tech Order, goes up to the front console, takes a big whiff, and states “that isn’t smoke, it smells like s**t!”.

    Commander replies, “no s**t Sherlock, go back and check the Emergency Shutoff Valve under the floor”. Tom walks back to the tunnel junction walkway, shines his handy dandy government issued, green plastic flashlight and looks under the LCC. Tom yells out “I can’t see the valve its covered in brownish water.” Commander yells back “call job and get a writeup.”

    Tom yells back, “hold on, let me see if I can get a little closer.” Tom leans out more over the walkway, puts his sandal covered foot on the capsule wall…slips, and slides slowly down the wall. Tom using his Fitness Assessment honed skills, stops himself from going all the way into the “water”. Commander hears SAC not approved expletives emanating from Tom, hustles back grabs Tom’s arm and helps him up.

    Despite his physical abilities, Tom’s foot took a slight dip in the “water”. On that alert, Tom’s Commander awarded him a new call sign…SHIFOOT!



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