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Q&A with the AFGSC Commander and Command Chief - 6 Feb 23

Update from AFGSC - 3 Feb 23

AFGSC Statement

EMT Chemicals  (Missing Mil-P-6808C (PRIMER COATING, ZINC CHROMATE)  Mil-H-5606 (HYDRAULIC FLUID) Used in the Hydraulic pump for the PAH. )

AF Commander's Toolkit:

Tab 1: NHL BBP

Tab 2: About NHL (ACS)

Tab 3: Detection - Diagnosis - Staging NHL

Tab 4: Causes - Risk Factors - Prevention NHL

Tab 5:  Exposure Assessment of 564MS Malmstrom AFB

Tab 6:  Study of Malmstrom AFB MT Cancer Rates

Missile Community Cancer Study

Air Force Expands Cancer Study (Washington Post paywall)

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P.O. Box 1767

Monument, CO 80132


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