"Advocates for Missileers"

New Missileer Documentary by artist John Mollison in the works - see details here

A limited number of Minuteman III Current Real Color Models for $125 - go to the Donations/Store

Former AAFM President and Founding Board Member, Brig Gen Jim Crouch, passed away.

AAFM has added a new "Collectibles" section to the Models, Patches, etc portion of the Warble Tone, for those who collect missile memorabilia.  A list of available items can be viewed there.

Former 20 AF Commander and AAFM Board Member Maj Gen Tom Neary passed away in February

The Association of Air Force Missileers

The Association of Air Force Missileers is a tax-exempt, nonprofit organization for all who have earned the United States Air Force Missile Badge or the Missile and Space Badge, as well as others with an interest in past or current USAF missile and space systems.

The AAFM Board of Directors. Our membership totals over 4,000 former and current missileers and friends of missileers. A Board of Directors of twelve retired/discharged missileers govern the association.  Click here for the Board List.

"Victors in the Cold War"