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Bracing for the End of an Era

  • 18 Apr 2024 02:39
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    This plane was gone before I went on active duty in’83, but I always thought it was a cool looking plane. Didn’t realize it had such a short lifespan. Thanks for sharing this.

  • 17 Apr 2024 10:10
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    Comment:  Weapon systems come and go and seeing one on the way out brings back memories:  Peace is Our Profession.  Now have found a site stating Peace was Our Profession.  This item actually had a 10 year service life!


    The B-58 Hustler was a visually stunning supersonic bomber designed to penetrate Soviet airspace at high speeds. Despite its futuristic looks and performance, the Hustler suffered from a high accident rate, costly upkeep, and an outmoded mission profile. This resulted in a short, ten-year service life. The bomber's demise mirrored the changing strategic landscape, where ICBMs and advances in Soviet defenses made high-flying bombers less viable. Though it never saw combat, the B-58 remains a striking symbol of Cold War innovation and the Air Force's commitment to strategic bombing.


    Comment:  Minuteman III is headed this way.  Salute to the B-58 people for keeping the memories alive.  Note the "Peace was our Profession."

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