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AAFM Dispatch 12/23 2023

23 Dec 2023 20:16 | Anonymous

Fellow Missileers:

As we enter into this holiday weekend, the Association of Air Force Missileers would like to acknowledge and thank our airmen serving the critical mission of deterrence twenty fours hours a day, seven days a week.  While we enjoy the holidays with our families, these dedicated airmen are at their posts.  To all the Defenders, Maintainers, Operators, Facility Managers, and Chefs that are deployed to the field and those in the control centers on base, we thank you for your service.  We have stood in your shoes and understand the sacrifice that goes with the task.

AAFM member Quentin Thomas wrote the following to recognize your dedication.

 The Gift of Peace

The season now is Christmas,

A time of thankful cheer.

Peace our gift is given,

Its silence you can hear.


For way up in the north tier,

On plains of snowy white.

Deterrence still is working,

Each day and through the night.


While seldom they’re remembered,

And often times ignored.

The peace they’ve long provided,

For decades past and more.


Through dry heat days of summer,

And the bitter winters gale.

The peace on earth defended,

For years it has prevailed.


The work of oh so many,

Throughout these long past years.

Their standard yet unequaled,

By all their other peers.


While children all are nestled,

So snug and very warm.

Some troop is there protecting,

Their life from evils harm.


It’s quiet on these winter nights,

The northern lights will shine.

Another blessed Christmas,

There’s Peace for all Mankind.



James F. Warner

Executive Director

Mailing address:

P.O. Box 1767

Monument, CO 80132


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