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AAFM Dispatch 12/01 2023

01 Dec 2023 13:49 | Anonymous

Fellow Missileers:



Edwin Phillips


It was the day before Christmas and all through the Wing

the backups were ready and would be kept on three rings.

The MADOs were final, the lineup was set.

The maintenance schedule was as firm as it could get.


Security Forces were ahead of all others.

Already on alert with their Security Force brothers.

The spouse clubs had baked a gazillion cookies.

They had done this before; they weren’t a bunch of rookies.


Pre-departure planning was done, and it was all coming together.

The only issue, of course, was the weather.

A winter storm warning had been sent out statewide.

Conditions had turned yellow, but these SAC warriors would not be denied.


The FM and Chef were ready to go, as the crew climbed inside and kicked off the snow.

The FM turned the key and the engine roared, and they pulled out in their high-milage Ford.

The FM driving was a former cop, and his driving skills were at the top.

Despite the bad weather he forged ahead, then TCC announced the roads were red!


They were too far out to turn back, and that wasn’t the way they did it in SAC!

The FM slowed down to almost a crawl, but he couldn’t foresee a white out snow squall.

The Ford turned sideways and almost rolled, how the FM saved it was a sight to behold.

Despite all his efforts, the Ford hit the ditch, and the FM cussed “DAMN! this is a bitch”.


They undid the seat belts and egressed with ease and stepped into a drift up to their knees.

They radioed the MAF and then TCC, but nobody would answer their desperate plea.

Despite digging and pushing the Ford would not go, it became clear they needed a tow.

As the temperature dropped, their fate wasn’t too bright. Then the Chef asked, “Is that a light”?


Out of nowhere a red light could be seen, on the top of a red tractor towing machine.

The tractor was a huge “JOHN DEER”, but to those SAC troops, this was better than beer.

The JOHN DEER pulled up, and out jumped the driver, a short little guy who looked older, but wiser.

He smiled and said, My scanner got your calls and if I didn’t help, you could freeze your snowballs”.


The little guy yelled out, “STAND BACK, I’ll get this done, I have a lot to do before I finish my run”.

The little guy quickly pulled out the Ford, and the FM muttered, “Thankyou Lord”!

They asked for his name, and he laughed “it’s not important, but Babbo Nowell just the same”!

Babbo laughed, then said, “I gotta go, and you need to drive and get out of this snow”.


As quick as it came, the JOHN DEER disappeared, and to all of them it seemed kind of weird.

All of sudden, the radio came alive, the FM reported they were now five by five.

What really happened on that Christmas Eve ride was always kept to themselves!

With one exception, the Chef asked the FM...”did you hear the tinkling of bells”?

New Schedule for Sentinel Coming Soon, Says ICBM Modernization Boss 

The head of a new office created to oversee the modernization of the Air Force’s intercontinental ballistic missile fleet said schedule changes for the Sentinel program are due “at the end of the year” from contractor Northrop Grumma

Want to know more? Brig Gen Connor 

GSC, (aka Olympic Arena for you older missileers) scores were announced at Barksdale and the trophy winners are listed below. Although the competition is conducted in a different manner, the objectives are still the same. “To show the American people, the Department of Defense and the rest of the Department of the Air Force how professional, skilled and awesome the men and women of the nuclear enterprise are," said Gen. Thomas Bussiere, AFGSC Commander. The team picture above with CMSAF Bass is the fifth win in a row for the 341st MW.


Blanchard Trophy for Best ICBM Wing: 341st Missile Wing, Malmstrom AFB

Klotz (Best ICBM and Helicopter Operations): 90th Missile Wing, F.E. Warren AFB

Linhard Trophy (Best ICBM Ops Crew): 321st Missile Squadron, 90th Missile Wing, F.E. Warren AFB

Blackburn Trophy (Best ICBM Maintenance): 90th Missile Wing, F.E. Warren AFB

Bourland (Best Helicopter Squadron): 37th Helicopter Squadron, 90th Missile Wing, F.E. Warren AFB

Barksdale Trophy (awarded to the best community support for an AFGSC base): Minot Community

 For a complete listing of all the of all the GSC trophy winners go to: GSC Trophy Lists

Armed Forces Hockey Tournament

You may be wondering what the heck does hockey have to do with ICBMs? Well the clue is in the picture above. If you recognized the black cowboy hat as an FE Warren symbol you are right! Military active duty and veteran Hockey teams from all over the US competed in a Veteran’s Day hockey tournament in Las Vegas. FE Warren and two teams from Minot (no pics yet) competed and won their divisions. For the first time, this year included active duty and veteran females. These athletes really know what the puck they are doing!



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