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Titan II Missile

The Titan II, the second generation ICBM from he Martin Company, was a two stage, liquid fueled, inertially guided missile using hypergolic, storable propellants.  The fuel was Aerozine-50 (a 50-50 mix of unsymmetrical dimethyl hydrazine and hydrazine), and the oxidizer was nitrogen tetroxide.  Hypergolic fuels require no igniter, since they ignite on contact with each other.  The facts that the propellants were both storable and hypergolic gave Titan II its quick reaction time, since the missile sat on alert fully loaded, unlike the earlier liquid fuel, cryogenic systems, and could launch in less than a minute after the launch process was initiated.

Missile length, including reenty vehicle - 103.4 feet

Missile diameter - 10 feet

Weight, fully loaded, 330,000 pounds  

Engines - Stage I - LR87-AJ-5, 400,000 pounds thrust, Stage II - LR91-AJ-5, 100,000 pounds thrust

Range - 5,500 nautical miles

Guidance System - Original, AC Spark Plug MX-6362/DJW-11E.  Replacement, Delco Electronics Carousel IV Universal Space Guidance System

Reentry Vehicle - General Electric Mark 6, 9 megaton yield

Accuracy - less than 1 nautical mile

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