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Missile Launch - Titan II

MCCC and DMCCC copy, authenticate, decode and compare the execution message received from the National Command Authority, and calculate the directed time of launch.

MCCC activates the surface warning light and klaxon.

Launch Keys and Emergency War Order documents are removed from the safe ant the message validated.

MCCC initiates the launch checklist.

BMAT applies power to the misile ordnance bus.

MCCC directs BMAT to enter the enable code into the butterfly valve coded whitch control and BMAT presses the Operate Intitate switch on the coded switch control panel.

MCCC and DMCCC insert launch keys and, on the directed launch time, turn keys simultaneously. Key turn requires two people due to distance between keys and fact that keys must be turned within two seconds of each other and held for five seconds.

Launch sequence begins.

Launch Enable light illluminates followed by (IGS) Memory, indicating that the guidance computer is now operating independently.

Batteries Activated illuminates, batteries come on line and propellant flow begins.

APS Power illuminates, indicating that the missile is on internal power. Water deluge begins in the flame deflector.

The silo door opens and the control center blast valves close.

Guidance Go illuminates and the thrust mounts lock.

Fire Engine illuminates and the stage one engine start cartridge ignites, spinning up the turbopumps and the engine rapidly comes to full thrust.

Pressure sensors detect sufficient thrust for lift off and cause the explosive hold down bolts to fire.

Lift Off illuminates and the missile is on its way to the target.  The sequence from key turn to lift off took 58 seconds.

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