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Books for Missileers

We list books, often by AAFM members, that would be of interest to our members. 


We maintain listings of other websites and Facebook groups of interest to members. 

Missile Patch Collection

Patches are displayed in albums by system and by specific locations like Vandenberg, Patrick and other bases involved in multiple programs. 

Journal Article

Air Force Museum Friends Journal Article The Bomber Heritage for ICBMS.


We have a collection of CDs at the Donation Center. CDs include photo collections, historical documents and the dash one technical orders. 


DVDs include old AF films, documentaries that AAFM members participated in and other missile related films and videos. 

Mailing address:

P.O. Box 1767

Monument, CO 80132


The Association of Air Force Missileers

is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. 

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