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Navigating the Gallery

A few tips about navigating the missile patch gallery:


  1. When you first enter the gallery you'll be on the index page. This displays albums  in alphabetical order. In some cases, such as Minuteman or Titan, there are sub-albums under the main albums. Click HERE to see the gallery index
  2. Click on an image to go to the album or the page containing the sub-albums.


  1. Once you're in an album you can scroll to see images or use the search box. 
  2. Clicking on a patch will bring up a full size image with the description to the left.
  3. You can increase the font size by pressing CTRL+/CRL- (PC) or CMD+/CMD- (Mac) or use CTRL and the mouse wheel to zoom in and out, making the text appear larger. 
  4. Try these options under the image:
    • The "i" symbol underneath the image to see the image without the description. 
    • Options for pausing scrolling, going full screen and other functions are also available. 
  5. To go back to the main index page click on Gallery Index in the top right of your screen.


Currently you can search only within an album. 

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