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Minuteman Security

One of the largest tasks in a Minuteman wing is maintaining the security of 150 to 200 remote, unmanned missile launch facilities (LF).  Each wing covers an area almost a third the size of the state it is in.  None of the wings have 200 sites any longer, since the fourth squadron at both Malmstrom AFB, Montana and f. E. Warren AFB, Wyoming, were closed some time ago, all three current locations still cover a lot of territory.  The Security Forces Groups at each base are the largest security units in the Air Force.  On a base like Minot, with both a missile and bomber nuclear mission, the group can number over 1,500 members, with the majority in missile security.

Each launch control facility/missile alert facility LCF/MAF  has a security team assigned for quick response in the flight area for that MAF.  A Flight Security Controller is on duty topside in the front of the MAF, with a clear view of the entrance gate and with constant contact with his teams, leadership and the combat crew below him.  If the crew notices unusual activity around a specific LF, they can notify him and he can notify a security alert ream immediately to investigate.  The LFs are all a few miles from the MAF and are monitored both by radar systems and now by video cameras.    The response teams also make roving patrols of the flight area periodically, and there are other roving teams randomly checking security.   There are also teams available on base that can be dispatched by helicopter if the situation warrants that response. 

Security teams also accompany maintenance teams when then visit an unmanned LF to perform repairs or routine maintenance.  Members of both the security team and the maintenance team must authenticate with the crew or flight security controller for access, and then maintain security of the site while it is open.  

Major maintenance such as a reentry system change, involves heavy security, including U. U. S. Marshall escort, helicopter air coverage with arme3d security forces and additional ground assets.  

Through the years, the security forces have joined operators and maintainers at the annual missile competition. 

Photos - Two security tea members meet a four star general, a HMMV leads a convoy


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