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Adding a Patch to the Gallery

AAFM members are encouraged to add images of patches they own that are missing from the gallery. If you have a patch that’s not pictured (family-friendly only please) and you’d like to share it with everyone else, please do the following:

  1. Scan the patch (600 dpi) or take a high-resolution photograph of it. Use a white background (unless the patch is nearly all white, then use a black background).
  2. Crop the image to eliminate the excess background (your image should not look like a dime on an index card).
  3. Forward the image to along with as much information about it as you can. Examples of the type of information we are looking for include: Significance of the design, who designed it, how many were made, and when and where it was worn.
  4. Include your full name and AAFM member number with the image and accompanying text.

Your contribution to the gallery will be publicly acknowledged with the display of “Patch image donated by” followed by your name in the final sentence of the text accompanying the image of your patch. And if you’re not real attached to the patch, the text under images of donated patches will say “Patch donated by….”

Please keep in mind that if your patch looks like a dog chewed on it and then buried it in the back yard, and later on someone else offers an image of a patch in better condition, we reserve the right to replace the image you provided with the better one. But until that better one surfaces, something is better than nothing—so don’t let a few snags, a stain, or even a tear deter you from sending a shot of that well-used patch to us because it is an important piece of the missileers’ heritage. Thank you!

Mailing address:

P.O. Box 1767

Monument, CO 80132


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