Resources Used to Develop the AAFM Online Museum

The association has an extensive library of books and electronic data.  The AAFM CD collection includes many of the resources in digital format available for members, by visiting  the Donations/Store area and ordering the CD for the appropriate missile system or the AAFM Historical Collection for general topics.  This list  identifies the books and other publications in our library used.  There is also a vast amount of data available online , and our Newsletter Archives also include a lost of sources and personal stories and articles.

Boyes, John, Project Emily - Thor IRBM and the RAF - a history of Thor in the United Kingdom by an AAFM Member

Boyes, John, Thor Ballistic Missile: The United States and the United Kingdom in Partnership – an AAFM Member’s second book on the Thor

Gibson, James N., Nuclear Weapons of the United States

Geiger, Jeffry E, Camp Cooke and Vandenberg Air Force Base, 1941-1966 by a retired Vandenberg historian

Goodchild, Geoff, Thor: Anatomy of a Weapon System - a look at the technical side of the UK-based missile from 1959 to 1963 by an AAFM Member

Hill, Mike, Campbell, John and Donna, Peace was their Profession, Strategic Air Command, A Tribute

LeMay, General Curtis and Kantor, McKinleyMission with LeMay - LeMay's autobiography, with candid comments on leadership, ICBMs and much more.

Lloyd, Alwyn T., A Cold War Legacy, A Tribute to Strategic Air Command – 1946-1992

Lonnquest, John C. and Winkler, David C., To Defend and Deter, the Legacy of the United States Cold War Missile Program – A Department of Defense Legacy Resource Management Program Cold War Project.

Mindling, George and Bolton, Bob, TAC Missileers - a history of Matador and Mace by two veterans of the systems and AAFM Members.

Neufeld, Jacob, Ballistic Missiles in the United States Air Force, 1945-1960

Penson, Chuck, The Titan II Handbook - a technical exploration of Titan II

Polnar, Norman and Norris, Robert S., The U. S. Nuclear Arsenal

Schlosser, Eric, Command and Control - source for the 2016 PBS documentary about the Damascus accident.  Schlosser spent considerable time with the AAFM Executive Director and AAFM members.

Schwiebers, Ernest G., A History of U. S; Air Force Ballistic Missiles

Sheehan, Neil, A Fiery Peace in a Cold War - biography of General Bernard Schriever.  Several AAFM members reviewed the book and believe the author did not attribute programs correctly to Schriever team members.

Stumpf, David, Titan II: A History of a Cold War Missile Program - a detailed history of Titan II by an AAFM Member.

Strategic Air Command Historian, The Development of Strategic Air Command – year by year history of the command.

Strategic Air Command Historian, SAC Missile Chronology

Air Force Association Air Force Magazine annual Air Force Almanac, various issues, 1956 to present.

Numerous Association of Air Force Missileers Quarterly Newsletter Articles, all in the Newsletter Archives and available for download.




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