Missile Competition

Curtain Raiser, 1967 - Strategic Air Command (SAC) conducted first missile competition, Curtain Raiser, based on the long existing Bomb Competition, at Vandenberg AFB, California.  Objectives were to increase recognition of outstanding personnel and wings, promote professional exchange of information between members of SAC, refine procedures in operations and maintenance and enhance esprit de corps in the SAC missile force.  Two missile crews and a targeting team representing each of the six Minuteman and three Titan II wings.  351st Strategic Missile Wing (SMW), Whiteman AFB, Missouri, won the first competition.

Olympic Arena, 1969-1993 - No competition in 1968 due to demands of the war in Viet Nam.  Renamed Olympic Arena for the 1969, with a competition held every year as a SAC event through 1992.  Not all competitions were titled Olympic Arena, some just identified as the Missile Competition or Missile Combat Competition. 0 Size of the competing teams varied throughout SAC’s conduct of the event, from two to four missile crews, various numbers of maintenance, munitions, communications, civil engineering and security teams.  Trophies awarded for Best Missile Wing (Blanchard), Best Missile Minuteman and Best Titan Wings, Best Operations, Maintenance and team trophies.  Competition Eents conducted at Vandenberg except in some years when some specific events conducted at other bases due to facility limitations.  Length of the competition varied, but most were six days of competition events, with pre-comp familiarization and awards ceremony at end. 1993 Competition conducted by Air Command Command after SAC deactivated and missiles move to that command.

Olympic Arena at Vandenberg- Scoreposting each night after the days event’s complete, using the “Big Blue Board.  Wings had Mascots, Unbit unique cheers (like Little Rock’s famous "Soooeeee, root, root, root...." cheer.  Wing displays showcased each unit, unit pins and stickers were passed out.  Team uniforms started early, and by 1970, and included full dress 1880s US Army Cavalry uniforms, dressy western suits and one piece. jump suits.  Wings brought civilian guests and outstanding airmen.

Guardian Challenge, 1994-2008 - Renamed when  it became the Space and Missile Competition in 1994 under Air Force Space Command.  Conducted every two years beginning in 2002.  Remained at Vandenberg until 2006, then some events and Score Posting moved to Peterson AFB, Colorado, with the majority of the competition events moved to home units for 2006 and later. Missile wings added helicopter teams and chefs.  Space wings competed in Space Operations, Space Lift and Satellite Operations.  Last Guardian Challenge involving missiles in 2008

Global Strike Challenge, 2010 and later - Renamed and became the Bomb and Missile Competition, conducted by Air Force Global Strike Command.  Bomber and missile crews and teams compete at their home bases and gather at Barksdale AFB, Louisiana, for score postings and trophy presentations. Has included a symposium for participants and guests in some years.     Planned to be an annual event, it has not been conducted every year. 2015 had only a trophy presentation at Barksdale during a Commanders Conference, with no teams gathering for scoreposting.  Changed to every two years, and in 2019, only one member from each team/crew from each wing attended the scoreposting and banquet.  AAFM has hosted a Santa Maria Barbecue banquet for recent competitions for all participants.

Overall Winners of the Missile Competition

Curtain Raiser Blanchard Trophy Winner

1967 - 351st Strategic Missile Wing (SMW), Whiteman AFB, MO

Olympic Arena Blanchard Trophy Winners

1969 - 321 SMW, Grand Forks AFB, ND                               1970 - 44 SMW, Ellsworth AFB, SD

1971 - 351 SMW, Whiteman                                                     1972 - 381 SMW, McConnell AFB, KS

1973 - 90 SMW, Warren AFB, WY                                             1974 - 321 SMW, Grand Forks

1975 - 381 SMW, McConnell                                                     1976 - 341 SMW, Malmstrom AFB, MT

1977 - 351 SMW, Whiteman                                                      1978 - 91SMW, Minot AFB, ND

1979 - 390 SMW, Davis Monthan AFB, AZ                             1980 - 381 SMW, McConnell

1981 - 351 SMW, Whiteman                                                       1982 - 44 SMW, Ellsworth

1983 - 381 SMW, McConnell                                                       1984 1984 - 90 SMW, Warren

1985 - 308 SMW, Little Rock AFB, AR                                       1986 - 341 SMW, Malmstrom

1987 - 321 SMW, Grand Forks                                                     1988 - 91 SMW, Minot

1989 - 351 SMW, Whiteman                                                   1990 and 1991 - 341 SMW, Malmstrom

1992 - 44 MW, Ellsworth (Last SAC Competition)

1993 - 351 MW, Whiteman (Only Olympic Arena conducted by Air Combat Command)

Guardian Challenge Blanchard Trophy Winners

1994 - 742nd Missile Squadron (MS), Minot                       1995 - 10 MS, Malmstrom

1996 - 319 MS, Warren                                                                 1997 - 320 MS, Warren

1998 - 341 Space Wing (SW), Malmstrom                             1999 - 341 SW, Malmstrom

2000 - 91 SW, Minot                                                                         2001 - 91 SW, Minot

After 2002, Guardian challenge was every other year

2002 - 341 SW, Malmstrom                                                         2004 - 91 SW, Minot

2006 - 341 SW, Malmstrom 2008 -                                           341 Missile Wing  (MW), Malmstrom

2010 - 90 MW, Warren

Global Strike Challenge Blanchard Trophy Winners

2011 - 341 MW, Malmstrom                                                      2012 - 91 MW, Minot

2013, Canceled                                                                             2014 - 91 MW, Minot

2015 - 341 MW, Malmstrom                                                      2015 - 341 MW, Malmstrom

2019 - 341 MW, Malmstrom

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