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90th  Missile Wing

The 90th MW, located at Frances E. Warren AFB, Wyoming, is the fifth Minuteman wing (Wing V), placing the final 200 Minuteman missiles on alert on 15 June 1965.  

Lineage - The 90th Bombardment  Group (Heavy) was activated on 15  April  1942 and inactivated on 27 January 1946. It was redesignated as 90th Bombardment Wing and was activated on 2 Jan 1951.  It was then redesignated as the 90th Strategic Reconnaissance Wing on 16 Jun 1952 and inactivated in 1960.  The 90th Strategic Missile Wing (SMW) (ICBM-Minuteman) was activated on 1 Jul 1963.  It was again redesignated as 90th MW on 1 Sep 1991, 90th Space Wing (SW) on 1 Oct 1997, and 90th MW on 1 Jul 2008.  The 90 MW is one of three ICBM wings that continues to have Minuteman III missiles on alert day to day.

Operations Squadrons

319th Strategic Missile Squadron (SMS) was activated on 1 Dec 1961 and became the 319 Missile Squadron (MS) on1 Sep 1991.

320th SMS was activated on 1 Mar 1962 and became 320th MS on 1 Sep 1991.

321st SMS was activated on 1 May 1962 and became 321st MS on 1 Sep 1991.

400th SMS was activated on 1 Apr 1966, became 400th MS on 1 Sep 1991, and closed 19 Sep 2005.

The squadrons each originally had 50 Minuteman IB LGM30B missiles.  Between August 1972 and 1975, the four squadrons were converted to the Minuteman III LGM-30G missiles.  In 1994, the launch control centers were modified with REACT (Rapid Execution and Combat Targeting), changing the LCC configuration, consoles, displays and operating procedures for Minuteman.

In 1985, modifications began on the launch facilities of the 400th SMS for the Peacekeeper (LGM-118) missile. The 50th missile was brought on alert on 30 Dec 1988. (See the Peacekeeper link for more details.) The Peacekeeper missiles were removed and the 400th MS deactivated on 19 Sep 2005.  One of the 400th MS Missile Alert Facilities (Q01) was turned over the to the State of Wyoming in 2015 for development as a museum and is now open to the public.

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