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44 Missile Wing

Ellsworth AFB, South Dakota, the second Minuteman wing (Wing II), became fully operational in November 1963

Lineage - 44th Bomb Group (Heavy) activated 15 Jan 1941. Redesignated 44th BG (Very Heavy) 5 Aug 1945, Inactivated 6 Sep 1958. Redesignated as 44th BW (Medium) 20 Dec 1950, deactivated 15 June 1960.  Activated 1 Jan 1962 as the 44th Strategic Missile Wing (SMW).  Redesignated 44th Missile Wing on 1 Sep 1991,  closed on 4 July 1994.

Operations Squadrons

66th Strategic Missile Squadron (SMS) activated on 1 Jul 1962, became the 66th Missile Squadron (MS) on 1 Sep 1991.

67th SMS activated on 1 Jul 1962, became 67th MS on 1 Sep 1991.

68th SMS activated 1 May 1962, bcame 68th MS on 1 Sep 1991.

850th SMW, Titan I, was part of the 44th SMW from 22 Jun 1960 until closing in 1965.  The  44th SMW was the only Minuteman wing to have a Titan I squadron  as part of it.

The squadrons each originally had 50 Minuteman IB LGM-30B missiles. Between October 1971 and March 1973, the three squadrons were converted to the Minuteman II LGM-30F Minuteman Modernized missiles.


On 1 March 1965, a specially modified Minuteman I missile was launched for a 7 second flight from LF N-02, the only successful launch from an operational base.

In May 1967, the Airborne Launch Control System mission was incorporated into the 68th SMS.  In 1970, the mission was transferred to the 4th  Airborne Command Constrol Squadron. See ALCS for more information.

One LCF/MAF, Delta-01, and one LF, D-09, near Wall, South Dakota on I-90, were turned over to the National Park Service and is now the Minuteman Missile National Historic Site. 

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