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351st Missile Wing

Whiteman AFB, Missouri, the fourth Minuteman wing (Wing IV), became fully operational in December 1966

Lineage - 351st Bomb Group (Heavy) activated on 25 September 1942. Inactivated 28 August 1945. Redesignated as 351st BG (Very Heavy) 9 April 1947, inactivated 27 June 1949.  Redesignated the 351st Strategic Missile Wing (SMW) and activated 1 February 1963.  Redesignated 351st Missil;e Wing (MW) on 1 Sep 1991, closed on 31 July 1995.

Operations Squadrons

508th Strategic Missile Squadron ( SMS) activated on 1 May 1963, became the 508th Missile Squadron (MS) on 1 Sep 1991.

509th SMS activated on 1 Jun 1963, became 509th MS on 1 Sep 1991.

510th SMS activated 1 Jul 1963, bcame 510th MS on 1 Sep 1991.

The squadrons each originally had 50 Minuteman IB LGM30B missiles.  Between May 1966 and Oct 1967, the three squadrons were converted to the Minuteman II LGM-30F missiles.  In October 1937, the 510th SMS began the Emergency Rocket Communications System mission, when up to ten of the squadron’s missiles were converted to carry communications packages to allow the National Command Authority to transmit emergency action messages to the nuclear force.  This mission ended on 1 Oct 1991.

One Missile Alert Facility MAF/LCF), Oscar-01, on the base, is now operated as the Whiteman AFB Museum

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