Preserving the Heritage of Air Force Missiles and the People Involved with Them

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You can tour a real Missile Silo - see all the options here.  Visit the sites where Missileers sat on alert and maintained nuclear missiles.

AAFM Art Projects

AAFM has sponsored funded art projects at AFSPC, AFGS, the 341st MW and the Minuteman Missile NHS.

Missile Heritage Grants and Museums

AAFM has given more than $266,000 to more than 29 museums since 1993 for missile displays at these museums.

Missile Static Displays

AAFM has been involved in projects for missile displays

Homes for Missile Artifacts

AAFM assists individuals and organizations to find homes for important missile artifacts.

Docmenting Missile History

AAFM assists authors, researchers and producers in documenting missile history.

The Air Force Missile Badge

The history of our badge, changes over the years and significant events in the history of the "pocket rocket."

Visit the AAFM On Line Missile Museum

A look at missile systems, programs and the people involved with them

AAFM and the Cuban Missile Crisis of 1962

A look at AAFM's commemoration of the Crisis.

Greg Ogeltree's Missile Patch Collection

AAFM is honored to be able tor present images from Greg's amazing collection of patches from missile units, misssile programs and patches from any organization, event or program relating to missiles.