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Association of Air Force Missileers Strategic Plan

Version 1 effective 25 June 2021

Air Force Missileers:  Extraordinary people.  Unmatched responsibility.  Overwhelming capabilities.

    • The Association of Air Force Missileers (AAFM) is a 501©3 non-profit organization focused on preserving the history of United States Air Force (USAF) nuclear missile systems and supporting those who operate, maintain, defend, develop, test, deploy, and support the ICBM nuclear deterrence mission.  

      The “AAFM Strategic Plan” details the mission of the organization, provides a framework to develop enduring and growing relationships, and details focused actions to help meet strategic objectives.  This document is not intended to replace by-laws or operating instructions and is a living document establishing and guiding the Association’s professional identity and objectives. 

      Who we are:

      A community of individuals who understand and support the role Air Force nuclear missiles play in the defense of the United States.

      Our Tenets – What We Believe:

      • Defending America requires active participation of its citizens.
      • A credible nuclear deterrent force is essential to US national security.
      • A well-informed public is vital to supporting our military.
      • AAFM is committed to educating and informing the public on US dependence on maintaining a credible nuclear deterrent.
      • AAFM is a valued Wingman, advocating for Missileers and supporting heritage programs throughout the country.
      • AAFM success depends upon growing a diverse and inclusive membership that is actively engaged in current issues.
    • Our Mission:

      Support today’s Missileers, inform our membership and educate the general public on the enduring role Air Force nuclear missiles play while and preserve the long and rich history of nuclear missile missions.

      AAFM Objectives and Strategy:

         1.     Support missileers.  
    • Through effective relationships with Air Force senior leaders, units, and local communities, AAFM can directly impact missileer professional development and quality of life.

    • - Maintain effective relationships with Headquarters Air Force, Air Force Global Strike Command, Air Force Material Command, Numbered Air Forces, Wings and local communities; 
      - Establish an active local AAFM liaison at Malmstrom, Minot, FE Warren, Vandenberg, Kirtland, Barksdale and Hill AFBs.  This liaison will provide a visible AAFM presence at award ceremonies, graduations, changes of command, promotions, other special events, etc.; 
      - Sponsor Annual Awards;
      - Sponsor Guardian Challenge;
      - Sponsor scholarship program supporting Airmen
      - AAFM must expand our membership and actively recruit a leadership team from diverse backgrounds with diverse leadership experiences to make us stronger and better at supporting our membership and today’s force.  

         2.     Support the nuclear deterrence mission.  

         AAFM will leverage its legacy of preserving missile heritage and its considerable depth of experience and connections to national opinion leaders to educate the U.S. populace on              Air Force nuclear missile roles in protecting America.  

- Manage a growing Grant Program that enhances our missile heritage at museums with missile exhibits across America. AAFM has given over $300,000 since 1993; 
- Insure that AAFM’s missile museum brochure is available at over 30 museums to enhance visitor awareness of other museums with missile exhibits;
- Maintain relationships with national security-focused organizations to fortify understanding of contemporary relevant issues;
- Respond to incomplete, incorrect or uninformed positions regarding the nuclear deterrence mission;
- Promote good news regarding the mission and the people involved in the nuclear deterrence mission

            3.     Communicate: wherever, whenever.

            AAFM success depends on its ability to reach and be reached.  From liaisons in communities that host nuclear mission bases to internet social media platforms, AAFM must be                 engaged to meet Objectives 1 and 2.

     - Establish leadership and Public Affairs links within HQ AF, COCOMs, MAJCOMs, local communities

                            - Identify all media outlets and platforms necessary for AAFM to achieve its communications objectives, and how these efforts will be maintained.

              - Integrate internet links on and Twitter, Facebook and Instagram for papers, briefings, articles of interest 

      - Leverage Newsletter and social media to collect and produce content as a means to communicate with today’s force

Mailing address:

6128 Highwood Park Lane

Naples, FL 34110 

The Association of Air Force Missileers

is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. 

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