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Our Mission

Preserving our Heritage

The primary goal of AAFM is to preserve the history of USAF missile systems and the people who develop, test, deploy, operate, maintain, and support them. Our Missile Heritage Grant Program provides funding to museums that display missiles and missile related items.

AAFM has provided more than $300,000 to museums for missile projects.

Recognizing Outstanding Missileers

AAFM sponsors two annual AF Global Strike Command awards, the Payne trophy for missile maintenance and the Phillips trophy for missile operations. We provide mementos for the participants at each Global Strike Competition, and we are a sponsor of AF enlisted recognition programs.

Keeping Missileers Informed

The periodic newsletter features current and historical articles, information about unit reunions and other meetings and other articles of interest. Monthly e-mail updates provide members with the latest news and special information. Articles and stories by members are regularly featured.

National and Regional Meetings

Every two years, members of the association gather at a national meeting. National meetings include tours of current and historical missile facilities, guest speakers, business meetings and other events. Smaller groups of members gather periodically at current missile bases and other locations for briefings on USAF programs, to visit missile facilities or museums or to discuss association programs.

Getting Missileers Together

We provide an online directory for members which contains information such as systems and units. Our members only forum is for sharing memories or asking questions. AAFM assists organizations planning reunions by providing lists of members who served in these organizations and providing help in publicizing the events.

Mailing address:

6128 Highwood Park Lane

Naples, FL 34110 

The Association of Air Force Missileers

is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. 

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