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Patch Gallery Index

1. Achievements & Qualifications

2. Air Launched

a. Hound Dog

b. Short Range Attack Missile (SRAM & SRAM II)

c. Air Launched Cruise Missile (ALCM)

d. Advanced Cruise Missile (ACM)

e. Other & combined

3. Airborne Launch Control System (ALCS)

4. Alerts – Dispatches – Missions

5. Atlas

a. Combat Units

b. Support


a. Combat Units

b. Support

7. Commemorative

8. Competitions

9. Duty Identifiers

10. Exercises

11. Gryphon (GLCM)

a. MOB1 – Greenham Common, England

b. MOB2 – Comiso, Italy

c. MOB3 – Florennes, Belgium

d. MOB4 – Wueschheim, Germany

e. MOB5 – Woensdrecht, The Netherlands

f. MOB6 – Molesworth, England

g. GLCM Test, Training, and Misc.

12. Higher Headquarters

a. Joint


c. MAJCOMs (and equivalent, operational only)

d. NAFs

e. Air Divisions (and equivalent)

f. Host Wings (ICBM only)

13. Jupiter

14. Matador and Mace

a. Bitburg AB, Germany

b. Hahn AB, Germany

c. Sembach AB, Germany

d. Kadena AB, Okinawa

e. Osan AB, South Korea

f. Tainan AB, Taiwan

g. Orlando AFB, Florida

15. Minuteman

a. Wing I – Malmstrom AFB

b. Wing II – Ellsworth AFB

c. Wing III – Minot AFB

d. Wing IV – Whiteman AFB

e. Wing V – F.E. Warren AFB

f. Wing VI – Grand Forks AFB

g. Launches (actual and simulated)

16. Missile & Combat Crew Badges

17. Missile Support Helicopters

18. MISSILE-aneous

a. Official

b. Unofficial

19. Museums, Foundations, & Associations

20. Peacekeeper

21. Pen Pocket

22. R&D, Testing & Evaluation, and Logistics


b. Defense Nuclear Agency (by all its names)

c. MAJCOMs (support only)

d. Ctr’s, Div’s, Groups, Offices, etc. (exc VAFB)

e. Depots (AMAs & ALCs)

f. Laboratories (and equivalent)

g. Ranges, Test Sites, and related

h. Survey & Mapping

i. Airlift Units

23. Small ICBM (SICBM)

24. Snark

25. Thor

26. Titan I

a. Combat Units

b. Support

27. Titan II

a. Davis-Monthan AFB

b. Little Rock AFB

c. McConnell AFB

28. Training Classes

a. ICBM Weapons Instructor Course (WIC)

b. Missile Initial Qualification/Skills Training (IQT/IST)

c. Officer Space Prerequisite Training (OSPT)

d. Undergrad. Space and Missile Training (USMT)

e. Weapon Intern Program (WIP)

f. Other

29. Training Orgs (except Matador/Mace/Gryphon)

30. Vandenberg (except Atlas, Thor, range, & training)

31. Weapons Systems & Contractors (not unit-specific.)

32. UNKNOWNS - Can You Help?

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