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Please update your contact information so you don't miss out on important updates and information:

  • If you're an AAFM member click on the LOGIN button in the upper right corner of this page. You can then edit your own contact information. If you have problems email for assistance. 
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Looking for Someone?

Member Database

We keep track of over 150 different attributes for members including missile systems, missile units, headquarters and special organizations, job specialties and other information. All this information is searchable in the secure, online directory available to members. When members request, we provide listings of others who served in a specific unit or system. Members can request listing for specific units, systems or other attributes at any time by e-mail, mail or telephone.

Protecting Your Information 

We only release address lists to current AAFM members, recognized and verified reunion organizations, and military units looking for former members of a specific unit. We do provide contact information to researchers and authors when they are looking for experts or experience in a specific missile system. For members who checked the "No Release" block on the member application, address information is not released to anyone.

Member Directory

Our secure, online Member Directory allows members to search by name, location, duty assignments, and many other attributes. We can also provide listings of names, by permission, to approved reunions and other organizations. 

Non-Member Addresses

Our mailing list includes about 4,000 other missileers who are not members of the association - we may have an address for your missileer friend. Or, if you're a member post a question on the Members Only Forum.

Mailing address:

6128 Highwood Park Lane

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The Association of Air Force Missileers

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